How to Know the what was the name of user in Facebook before changing name.

I made a tool name facebook real name finder that extract the previous name of user which recently change name to use it step are very simple so follow step carefully and perfectly. This tool is not any hacking tool because it use some trick to find name and we don't have any acess to the database of Facebook. So, It is 90% chance where tool may be fail during extracting name or may give wrong name some time. Some times this type of tool is needed to find who is scamming, try to scam, To find Buller, harsher, etc. In most of the cases it found the real name but not in all.

How Facebook real name finder work

When you click Extract name it start searching for user through that link after using some script in backend it crawl the name and display that name to you. To do all processes it will take 3 second hardly and provide information. We don't collect name, profile url, or anything else that you paste below so search for name without fair of privacy. Also if it work perfectly share with your friends.

Step 1: Copy the profile url like me I copy url of mark zug
Facebook pic Step 2: Paste in the text box of tool below and click > Extract Name

Facebook real name finder

Facebook User Profile URL:

Note: make sure that he or she name is in English alphabet.


Thank You