How to share files in high speed without any application

We everyone share files, photo, appm etc. to share them in high speed we need application like shareit, xender, etx. If we don't want to use those applications then we have bluetooth which share file in very less speed. To solve that problem there is hidden feature in android called wifi-direct to share file. In some place found that people are using wifi-direct rarely so i think it is not so popular.

● About wifi-direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a connection that allows for device-to-device communication, linking devices together without a nearby centralized network. One device acts as an access point, and the other device connects to it using Wi-Fi. Wifi direct is one of fast sharing service which is in Android device in default where you can transfer files in the speed up to 30MBPS. Today generation phone have that feature in default. It allows user to share file without application.

● Steps to use wifi-direct

Step 1: Go to file manager > select the file
1 Step 2: Click on share button
1 Step 3: click on Wifi-Direct
1 Step 4: open wifi direct on another phone
to open Wi-Fi Direct setting > wifi > advance > Wi-Fi Direct
1 Step 5: Click on that specific device name of phone to share file
Step 6: Click accept on another device
1 Step 7: Again click accept to receive file
1 Step 8: Wait to successful shareing of file then close Wi-Fi Direct

● Conclusion

To use Wi-Fi Direct you don't need any application so it make storage available for other and make phone hang free also it is only available for android sorry for ios user if you like then read another blogs by clicking on blog of navigation bar. Hope you Like

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