What are the Benefit if you use Cybernepal in 2021

● Introduction

CyberNepal is a single platform for all tech-related tasks and gaming need. Cyber Nepal is one of the best place where you can ask questions and other will answer if they know. For example it is like stackoverflow or quora. It is headquarter is in Kathmandu, Nepal. Cyber nepal recently brought many changes in there website where you can earn cybernepal virtual currency which is name is CN$. We can also participate in Cyber nepal giveaway which is conducted by the admins. About 8000+ users created account in cybernepal and 1200+ users are active. If you thing users are not too much but in the context of nepal there are not too many users who want to join this types of platform. Also cybernepal organize contest like slang writing contests, Vietual pc building contest, Intro making contest, etc where you can take part and get 100CN$ for participating and winners will get Cn$ as reward or money as rewards. Best benefits of cybernepal are mentioned below :

● Benefits if you use cybernepal in 2021

Cybernepal is the best discussion, questioning, etc platform so I cannot mention all the benifitis of cybernepl but i mention all best types of benefits

1. 90%+ User are from nepal

In Cybernepal most of the people are from nepal and cybernepal is also targeting people of nepal use their platform. If you are reading this from nepal then you should join cybernepal as soon as possible because most of user from nepal if you have any technology related or gaming related query you can ask any time by creating new topics and you will get answer in some hour which depends upon question types.


2. Giveaways

Giveaway is also the main attraction of cybernepal asni think. According to cybernepal giveaway giveaways history they do 10$ daily giveaway, 25$ weekly giveaway, 50$++ Special giveaway in some occasions. Recently 1000$+ gaming pc giveaway is the main big giveaway of all time done by cybernepal and its time was 3 month. After some discussion with admin found that many special types of giveaways will comes in New year 2078 B.S(14 April , 2021 AD) of nepal.

Giveaway Ticket prices:
1. 10$ Daily giveaway == 50CN$ Per ticket(max tixket limit 3)
2. 25$ Weekly giveaway == 200CN$ per ticket(Max tickets limit 5)
3. 50$++ Special giveaway == CN$ according to price pool
4. 1000$+ Gaming PC giveaway == 10000CN$ per ticket (max tickets limit unlimited) 5. For more visit Cybernepal Website


3. Cn$ Rewarding system

Cn$ is the virtual currency of cybernepal. Now in February of 2021 there is not any big things in the exchange of cn$ but after some new update in cybernepal they will add PS4, Nintendo Switch, Gaming Keyboard, Gaming mouse, mouse pad, Rtx 2080ti graphic card, in the exchange of cn$. To earn cn$ they conduct many contests, quiz,tournaments etc which held in Facebook page as well as in cybernepal website. You will rewarded 5 cn$ Daily, 15CN$ weekly and 300CN$ Monthly.

4. Reputation counting

This feature is unique concept which is in cybernepal where you will get reputation point if any one react positive and decrease reputation when anyone react angry in answers or topic. This reputation giving concept help to determine that user is genuine or not and he is telling wrong answer or right answer by seeing his or her profile. As other up voting system is also available here. If you get more reaction then others in one day you get 100cn$ as a most liked content reward.

image cybernepal

Many other features are also available which i think no more important in comparison to above features so to know others feature you should start using cybernepal

● Conclusion

In my view cybernepal is the most teusted platform from nepal to use I also use cyber nepal for asking about query which are in my mind. Also cybernepal conducts tournaments of PUBG MOBILE, MOBILE LEGENDS, DOTA, etc where you can take part and win money or cn$.

Thank You