Fix not able to buy free domain in freenom

freenom is a domain providing platform from which you can buy paid domain as well as free domain. Manly people are facing the problem of not able to buy domain from freenom. When you checkouts the domain it say not able to verify you are human, Error while processing please try again, etc. There is very less chance about that you will able to buy domain easily without any tricks. freenom provides all the facility that other providers provide. Free Domains like tk, ga, etc makes freenom popular and it cost 0$. It is beneficial for those domain which is easy to make any simple blog or project testing.

Free domains List

Following domains are free on freenom:
● .tk
● .ga
● .ml
● .cf
● .gq, etc

What is Domain ?

A domain name is your website name. The address or name given to a website or a computer which uniquely identify the resources is called domain name. A domain name start with a corresponding IP address, whic id a number. Each computer must have an IP address before it connects to internet. Each IP packet must have an address of the destination host before it can be sent to another computer for eg:

An IP address contains four numbers. TCP/IP potocol uses 4 numbers to address a computer. Each computer must have an unique four number address. The numbers are always between 0 to 254 addresses are normally written as four number separated period. TCIP/IP uses four computer bytes.

Steps to Fix freenom problem

I will recommend you to do following steps from android phone for making process easy if you can change dns through your pc you can do through pc also. We have to change DNS so use wifi connection which makes easy to change dns or you can use dns changing applications for Android. To slove those problem ypu have to follow some steps

To solve that problem first open setting and connect wifi > Go to connected wifi settings or hold by pressing on wifi > click on Modify Networks configuration 1 Change IP Settings to static > scroll below to find DNS 1 and DNS 2 3 After Finding DNS 1 and DNS 2 delete default DNS and replace by following DNS:
DNS 1:
DNS 2: 3

After changing DNS open site of freenom and do similar process of searching domain > Add to cart > Next > agree terms & conditions> checkout > Successful.


To use those dns thwre is no any security issue if you think that it can be a issue then Remember that DNS are provided by Freenom. Also this trick is totally legal and i tried it personally and found useful and easy.

Thank You