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Codashop is the one of the most popular and trusted mobile topup website where you can top up freefire diamond, PUBG UC, Mobile legend diamond, and many more. This company specifically target non credit card users of different place. This site have different branches in different country. Codshop Nepal is also palnning to launch in Nepal. Codashop provide fasted way to get online game credit without credit card.

Did you Codashop Nepal is comming???. if yes commnet below

Codashop Nepal is planing to launch and many gamers of nepal are excited to use codashop as soon as possible. Codashop is one of the best service provider of india so hope that it will also do best in nepal as well as in other country. Most of the talented gamers also do publicity of codashop.

codashop nepal

Codashop Nepal

Main reason behind codashop comming in nepal is recently NRB(Nepal Rastra Bank) has allow international payment and most of the bank started providing international credit card or dollar card what ever you call. Nepal is als facing lack of service provider like codashop so it was best time to announce about codashop through youtuber who are populer in nepal.


Why to use Codashop Nepal

You can experience a hassle-free shopping every month at Codashop Nepal, which is trusted by millions of players worldwide, where no credit card like payment method required when purchasing game credits or gift card and purchases will be instantly credited to your game account with in some second or minute. You can top up PUBG, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Rules of Survival and many more any time 24/7.

  • ★ Quick and easy
  • ★ immediate Delivery
  • ★ Convenient payment method
  • ★ Available 24-hour 7 day
  • ★ Exciting offers and many more
  • Payment methods ?

    If we think about the payment method that will available in codashop nepal may be digital wallet like eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, or any mobile banking app.

    There is reason behind they bring eWallet in payment method because codashop international is providing credit card free top up. This is not sure about what payment method will be and may they can add credit card system in payment.


    When will it available?

    There is't any confirmation about when it will come in nepal but according to news codashop nepal may come within 1 or 2 month becaue they have to do some leagal process (like approval from Nepal Rastra Bank, aprooval by central government, and many more) before luanching in neapal.

    If they already got approval from those government offices then Codashop thakes not more time to launch in nepal. If you want know when it will luanch then keep following our site.

    How it works ?

    In simple language directly with the publishers of product when user click on buy or top up it communicate with publisher company to recharge user account and codashop pay for it and take payment from buyer.

    In another language when buyer click on buy codashop server send an API request to publisher company's if API request matched with the API Key provided to codashop then recharge will be sucess full and buyer's money will be send to publisher after cutting some % comission by codashop and it will recharge user's account.


    Games which will be in Codashop Nepal

    In todays day mobile gaming is more popular and most of the people are playing games daily. Now, if we talk about Codashop Nepal, most sked question is: "Is there my favorite games or not?". Yes,most of the popular games of nepal will be available in codashop nepal.

    If you don't belive me then check out Facebook page of codashop nepal so that your doubt will clear the list of games that will available in codashop nepal are below. Also remember that Gmaess are choosen by us so go in facebook page of codashop nepal and commnet on post where they ask us to mention game. Most Demanded according to comments that are in That post:

  • ★ Free Fire
  • ★ PUBG
  • ★ Clash of Clan
  • less demanded games:
  • ★ Call of Duty
  • ★ Clash Royal
  • ★ Brawl Stars
  • ★ Boom Beach
  • ★ Valorent, etc
  • you can also checkout comment of that facebook page post by codashop nepal.


    FreeFire Turnament

    Codashop nepal recently announced that they are going to organizing a turnament for nepali players only. codashop nepal also told that this turnament is for nepali only. According to codashop nepal this turnament is going to start in may 28th and all the good players from nepal can participate in that turnament.

    This turnamnt is the largest global series is now in Nepal. "Practice more and grind harder and prove your dominance in Free Fire Battlegrounds." is the solgan of this turnament. So wishing best of luck all the freefire champ. Price money,date is not decided codashop nepal but it is conform that it is going to held in may.

    Your favorite esports platform codashop nepal makes it's way into Nepal with a kicking 100,000 NPR Prize pool!

  • ★ 1st Prize - 50,000 NPR
  • ★ 2nd Prize - 30,000 NPR
  • ★ 3rd Prize - 20,000 NPR
  • #stayhomestaysafe #palygames

    codashopnepal_turnament-freefire Photo from codashop nepal facebook page


    Codashop is one of the largest and most trusted top-up websites for games and online entertainment in Asia. This is the first time that any foreign company is opening this kind of service of service in nepal.

    So hope that they will reach the sucess at the top of sagarmatha and hater at the end of mariana trench. if you think that it is not legal remember that codashop will launching in nepal with all legal process an document sothere is not any fear of scam.
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