Best Url shorter to short url and earn money site of 2021 DlsLink

If we search for best url shorter in google it shows many url shorter but not best url shorter because thay are new. And best cpm of that url shorter is very high in other you will get 1$ or 2$ cpm for any country but in this url shorter you will get 4$ CPM for any cuntry and up to 10$ for country like USA, UK, etc. And it count only 2 visit from same ip in 1day which help to increase earning so because of its cpm people are also attracted towards it. And the name of that url shorter is DlsLink.

● Introduction To DlsLink

DlsLink is an online service provider for shortening URL in their server. They provide link shortening facility online to people all over the world. They provide link shrinking services along with High CPM from 4$ to 10$. Which means in DLSlink you will not only be able to shrink your URL but also you can earn some money from your links. The condition to earn is simple, each time your visitors visit shorten link and clicks on the final link, you will earn certain money. The earning varies with the variation in Country. DlsLink is based on Kathmandu, Nepal. They are a legit and trusted Network from Nepal.

What is Url shorter and earn money

URL shortening is a proces in which a URL made substantially shorter and redirect to the required page. In some cases url shorter is used for metering click visitor information, etc and for link shorting process also. But in the process of earning money you website will show ads in different pages and after that then it will redirect to destination page.

Key Features of DlsLink

● Minimum payout is 5$
● Minimum payout is 5$ ● Payment system is weekly, every week on sunday!
● Max link visit /last 24h counts 2 times from same IP address.
● Payments are made via PayPal (Worls Wide), WebMoney, Bitcoin where it is legal , Paytm (India), eSewa (Nepal), UPI (India).
● User will get 4$ to 10$ CPM according to from which country traffic is coming from
● and Many more

Steps to create Account in DlsLink

Step 1: Go to sign up page of DlsLink by clicking 👉HERE👈
Step 2: Fill all details and click on register
1 Step 3: Verify your email address by clicking on link send by DlsLink
You will see dashboard like me in this image
2 Step 4: Go to My profile and verify you profile which will increase trust on you to increase your CPM by DlsLink

Step 5: Add your payment method from which you want to receive money after reaching 5$ threshold.

As I told before they are new in url shorter but not in website experience they had made many good platform like Dlupload where you can earn money by uploading file and sharing link of that file. website maker of this website have exprience of creating earning site so DlsLink is best platform to use.

Thank You